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Independent cultural operator.

With around 80 events and over 350 participants per year, Talyana is the largest independent cultural operator in Varna, Bulgaria and organizes a spectrum of events in the fields of civic activity, urban planning and contemporary culture.

Our projects


Since 2017, Talyana Association has been working on the restoration of a two-hundred-year-old Ottoman storehouse for gunpowder. It is currently home to the largest independent culture scene in Varna, with a focus on contemporary visual art. For the past 2 years, over 150 events of all kinds have been held in the space - exhibitions, dance and theater performances, concerts, lectures and talks, bazaars and workshops.



BUNA Contemporary Art Forum is the first representative festival of contemporary visual arts in Bulgaria. From Talyana district in the heart of the city - through the narrow streets and along the boulevards, all the way to the sand, mineral pools and the sea, the festival floods the city with art in all its forms - exhibitions, installations, concerts, performances, tours and talks.


Varna Art Map

Varna Art Map is a project in collaboration with Largo Art Gallery. Unveiled for the first time during the BUNA Forum, the map showcases some of the city's active public, private and independent art and culture spaces. It is available in Bulgarian and English.


Museums Night

The European "Night of the Museums" started as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of France in 2005 and has established itself as a sustainable practice in many countries in Europe. On this night, a large number of museums and galleries open their doors and, for free admission, allow a large number of visitors to get up close and personal with the cultural heritage and art of the respective country. from 2023, Talyana Association partners with Art Gallery Largo and Natamno in holding the event in Varna.



This is the area in Old Varna that has the highest concentration of cultural and historical heritage, including both buildings-monuments of culture and archaeology. It was designated a few years ago, with the vision of developing it as the art district of Varna. Its approximate boundaries are "Preslav", "Tsar Simeon I" streets and the railway station square. It is characterized by a development close to the human scale, a variety of architectural styles, the presence of small streets and relative tranquility in the heart of the city. And the cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries make the cultural-historical core of Varna even more attractive. All of them together create the unique romantic atmosphere of "Talyana".